Current Projects

COVID-19 Response Programs

A project to support persons with disabilities and children with disabilities during the pandemic of COVID-19. We are distributing relief packages of food items, health and sanitation items, medicines for persons with disabilities and stationery for the children with disabilities.

Rehabilitation and Inclusive Education Project

A project that aims for rehabilitation and empowerment of persons with disabilities and support children with disabilities to mainstream education.

Jyoti Protection and Development Project

A project that aims to bring the street connected children to mainstream society and for the prevention of children those live in high risk.

Adolescent Health and Well-being Project

A project that aims in improving the health and well-being of adolescents living in urban poverty.

Breaking Boundaries Project

A project that aims not only to provide opportunities to learn to play cricket but also to use it for breaking down perceptions around gender roles, and building confidence and aspirations.